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The establishment located in the heart of Józsa, a suburb of Debrecen, following Highway 35 at the beginning of Józsa, on the right side - along the road from Debrecen to Hajdúböszörmény - is a particularly special and perfectly accessible place...


Romantic dishes

The pleasant tavern romance of times gone by, paired with the demands of today, provides an ideal and unique atmosphere for weddings and other significant events in people's lives.


Traditional flavours

We await our lovely guests with special flavours and a truly rich selection that combine the characteristically Hungarian flavours of the inns of the past with the expectations of modern cuisine.


Flavourful, delicious drinks

Delicious food is even better when accompanied by the perfect drink. We offer our guests drinks that harmonize with every type of food.

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„There are days that do not pass away, but remain in our memory until the end of time.”

We provide our dear guests a worthy venue for special occasions and memorable celebrations of important life events.

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“These days it’s an exceptionally rare treasure to find an establishment that, with its authentic atmosphere, evokes the feeling of hundreds of years ago, in this case a tavern feeling, in a way that is enjoyable for people of today. Those travelling on Highway 35 in the heart of Józsa can enjoy in a popular location the same kind of special charm that the so-called “on the road” publican officers, postal coaches, travelling preachers, merchants, guildsmen, shepherds, wine girls, highwaymen, peasants, pandours, vendors, traffickers, Hajdú herdsmen, students and artists going to discover the world, city clerks, citizens, noblemen and musicians, who were all frequent guests of Hungarian inns, could enjoy. Anyone who enters this real Hajdú-style inn with a rich and special atmosphere, with a palpable historical character, can get a taste of raising the past into the present.”

Erika Kocsi
Historian, communication expert, creator of the website
The world of the Rózsás Inn in Józsa eagerly awaits you!